Debates, to Pass the Time

I think it’s pretty clear that the best coffee comes from Roy’s down the road. Alan thinks it’s the fancy place next to the sawmill, but he’s crazy…or he just has bad taste. He likes his coffee all fancy, called a ‘latte’ and with a light dusting of cinnamon. You know, those brews that nobody can really stomach, but they pretend to because they think it makes them better than everyone else.

This is all just workplace banter, of course…Alan can drink what he wants, even though he knows he’s wrong. But sometimes, the job gets dull, and that’s when you need to banter. Just yesterday we were in a massive argument about the best way to fit gas bottle holders to the side of a ute, as if there’s any way other than the REAL way. And you’d be pretty surprised at the mileage we can get out of those debates as well. Gas bottle holders can have us going for at least three hours, and then there was that one discussion we had on whether toolbox central locking was worth it or just a marketing scam. Obvious I was FOR the idea…the only reason I still have all of my stuff- which includes my decker drill worth over $300- is because I had toolbox central locking added a month before someone tried to break into it. I was up on a girder at the time, so I couldn’t really get down to do much about it, but I WAS able to lock it remotely. Bam, problem solved. And to think that some of the lads were totally against the idea.

Well, when someone sneaks around the back of their ute and nicks everything from the hubcaps to the aluminium ute trays, then I guess they’ll start thinking about security. That’s how it went with me, anyway. It’s a story I’ve told many times, taking up multiple hours of multiple days. It’s either this, or we start playing ‘I Spy’. That’s how you know it’s a slow day.