For the Record, I Wanted the Frosted Glass

Supposedly, this tinting lark keeps you cooler in the summer. So it’d be really nice if we’d actually thought of getting it done during the summer, instead of getting around to it in winter and then suddenly realising that we’d made a grievous error. Well…not grievous. But still, I really want to test out this sun-dampening effect, and now it’s looking like we’ll have to wait six months for the sun to come out. And our home isn’t really all that well-insulated anyway, so it’s not like we need LESS heat in the house.

Oh well…it looks nice, though not as nice as our original idea of frosted window glass. That might not be as good for deflecting the power of the sun, but I thought frosted glass would look nicer. The tinting protection part was all just discovered after the fact, along with how it’s supposed to also reflect UV rays, and increase security because thieves can’t see your stuff. That’s most of the reason we had it done in the first place, because we just had to choose a home with massive, front-facing windows and loads of foot-traffic outside. That’s basically like putting up a massive billboard outside your home that says ‘EXPENSIVE STUFF, INQUIRE WITHIN WHILE ALL OCCUPANTS ARE SLEEPING’.

So now, we have this wall of tint instead. We still get enough light during the day, because that was never going to be a problem. There is the slight concern that it’s going to look all too modern, all of that tinted glass against some ordinary red brick, but personally I really like the style. It has a sort of art-deco look, in the sense that anything you can’t really define becomes ‘art deco’.

Kinda still looking forward to the summer, though. I wonder if Melbourne’s window tinting companies do good business then, because everyone except me knows that window tinting reduces glare and even heat? Or is decorative window glass the ‘cool’ thing for summer? Actually, I’m not sure why we didn’t go for THAT.