Glass for World-Class Facility

I wasn’t sure about this whole epic makeover of the clinic, but I’m starting to warm to it now that I can see where it’s going. Once it’s done, everything should look really fresh and have more flow, which is of functional value in a holistic health space.

For example, I really wasn’t into the idea of incorporating glass windows in the new partition wall for the yoga studio. I thought it would undermine the privacy of the space and freak out the students (not to mention the teachers). But seeing it coming together, it does make sense. The wall still acts as a visual barrier, with irregularly placed, circular glass panels being reminiscent of portholes. They create a sense of intrigue and an invitation to mindfully look on, while discouraging aimless gawking from the reception area.

As far as commercial glazing in Melbourne goes, this has been a fairly unique operation. I’ve never seen a wall quite like it before. It makes me much more interested in seeing the outcomes of the other projects that are planned for space. For one thing, there’s to be a sauna and cold plunge pool to be installed in the back courtyard. This pool is going to be ringed with a semi-frameless pool fence connected to a sandblasted glass balustrade on the covered outdoor staircase leading up to the change room.

I don’t know of any other natural health clinics that feature outdoor space like this. It sounded really over the top at first, but I can now see how it will all tie together to create a really unique facility with clearly defined areas that nonetheless flow seamlessly together. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

A skylight in the treatment room on the upper floor would be the icing on the cake, as the window is quite badly blocked by the next building along. But it sounds like that piece of the puzzle will have to be put off for a while, which is understandable given the nature of the work currently underway.