Guess I’ll Just Move Home Then

Well…Lizard Orb Extra is finally over, after 132 episodes of wholesome laser-beam-blasting fun. Bold move to blow up the whole cast in the final episode, but I’m sure the show-runners have some sort of plan for the next season, so I’m not too worried.

But now I’m left with this feeling of futility, like I’ve been thrust into this great period of change and I have to fill the void somehow. Come to think of it, it’s exactly how I felt when the latest season of Fantasy wrapped up and said that the final season wasn’t coming back until 2019. And how did I get over that? I moved home. Easy. Just got in touch with the best property advocates Melbourne had to offer and started a whirlwind journey that occupied so much of my time that I wasn’t thinking about Fantasy or any of it’s dangling plot threads, like how we don’t know if John Crow is going to become king of Easteros, or if Dennyriz the Matron of Lizards is going to go nuts just like all her flaxen-haired kin.

True, the show isn’t back yet, but I had so much on my plate that it dulled the initial pain of loss. You have to meet with your buyers advocates basically every day to discuss all the properties they’ve inspected, and then you have to inspect the properties they’ve inspected, and then you have to inspect the paperwork. And after all of that inspection, you actually have to move in, and THAT is a pain that takes your mind off everything else.

I might as well. I have no job and basically infinite money, so TV shows are all I’ve got to keep myself occupied. Guess I’ll schedule a call in the morning to the Melbourne buyers advocates that come with good recommendations. I could use the same ones as before, but…I need variety. I need excitement. Ideally, I need more episodes of Lizard Orb Extra, but I’ll settle for property advocacy.