Helping Happy Home Buyers

I wouldn’t know too much about how home buying works nowadays. We bought our home forty years ago and payed off the mortgage ages ago, so we haven’t really had to involve ourselves in the inner workings of the property market. That is, until our daughter decided to go and get married, and now we’ve found ourselves embroiled in the whole process once again!

We’ve been online, all over town, looking into so many estate agents’ windows they’ve all rolled into one in my mind. Still, we haven’t found anything that she can afford. The wedding is coming up soon, and ideally they wanted to find somewhere to lay down a deposit. I’m now pretty willing to admit that it’s hard for young people nowadays. We definitely had it a bit easier.

Our one blessing is our family friend recommended a property conveyancer. Collingwood is a suburb on the rise and a place we’re seriously considering. Or maybe we should look outside the city. If we’re going to be helping our daughter and new son in law find a place to live, I’d prefer to involve someone who actually knows about the home buying process. Selling and buying houses isn’t something you do on a casual weekend- it’s practically turned into a full time job for us retirees- so we want to know what we’re doing.

It’s going to mean change, and maybe a bit of concession. Cassie knows exactly where she wants to live, but that may have to change. Maybe we won’t find a place in time, and they’ll have to rent for a bit. It won’t be the end of the world. We can a least tick property transfers off the to-do list now that we have a conveyancer. Carlton is a beautiful area and I hope we can find happiness in this new area. Now we just have to trawl the internet for another few…days. Oh, the joy.