Houses Confuse Me

I’m never going to be rich, unless I completely fluke it. But it’s not the main goal, you know? If you aim to be loaded, then you’ll never truly learn what life is all about, not to mention you’ll probably fail. So I’m good the way I am.

That said, I could use a bit of financial know-how when it comes to mortgages and all that, because an arts degree isn’t going to help you get on the property ladder. Mum is trying to move into a new place, a bit smaller because it’s now just her but I think it’s actually nicer than her old one. But man, all the financial stuff that goes with it! She’s had to find some conveyancers, Melbourne specifically has all the fine print. I can see why you’d need a conveyancer in the first place, because going through all the paperwork and fine print is a mind screw.

Like, what exactly is a ‘guarantor’? Yeah, I know what the word actually means, but what does it mean? I haven’t had any experience, really…when I moved into my share house, I basically just had to sign a few papers that said I wasn’t going to steal the light bulbs and that was that, over and done with. I was only in the office for a few minutes. I guess with Mum, this is a much bigger deal, because she’s actually buying a whole house and once you buy it, you’re stuck with it forever. It’s a big decision, but…weekly meetings with the conveyancer, really? It’s so labour intensive. In fact, I’m even thinking of a documentary on the process of conveyancing, start to finish. It’d make a great story, especially if I wove the human interest into it. And then there’s the story of the title transfers and how they work. And how being part of the whole magical process makes conveyancers feel special.

It’s either going to be the most spectacular things I’ve ever done, or it could be really boring. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Hey, I won’t know until I storyboard!