Social Coordination With the Trees

It’s great that more people are flocking to our Visage-Tome page, just confirming that our cause is just and true, but being an admin isn’t easy. I myself was handpicked because of my great compassion for others, and also I think my beauty. And yet, despite those qualities, I haven’t yet gotten all the other admins to work together long enough to come up with a decent name.

‘Trees Are Friends, Not Food’ was a contender, mainly because it had the cutest little acronym (TAFNF), but then we realised that didn’t really sum us up very well. And some of us like to eat fruit, so that might seem a bit hypocritical when we post pictures of our fortnightly admin brunch. Oh, and we have that meeting next week with the industrial solar system people, and I’ve already decided that frozen watermelon pops are going to be the featured snack. For you see, they give an impression of freshness and life, just like solar power.

Cannot believe a few of the executives have agreed to meet us and give an interview. We’re only small fry when it comes to raising youth awareness of the environment, but we like to think this movement will snowball into a mammoth undertaking that will have every business in the land looking into industrial solar power solutions and realising their benefits. You see, we CAN have it all, while being kind to the environment! We’re trying to dispel the illusion that going green means you live in a tent and drink organic kale smoothies for every meal. Not at all…it can be as simple as having a few solar panels installed and being diligent about your recycling habits. Although a couple of organised protest appearances can’t really hurt as well.

Oh, and it’d be nice if everyone could sign this petition for the replacement of harsh outdated LED lighting in public places with brand new commercial LED lighting designed to last and be environmentally-conscious. It’s very important. We wouldn’t usually ask.