Space inspired bathroom!

This weekend my wife are going to choose a new bathroom. Since returning from my space mission I have decided to finally invest some money and time into the old place! We’ve lived here for over twenty years, and it is starting to show. My wife is over the moon about it, no pun intended. We have been to a few Melbourne bathroom renovations events to get to grips with the latest trends! It seems people are into metal and minimal bathroom designs. Taking a little influence from the bathroom on the rocket ship I thought it would be cool to get a steel toilet designed. I have some photos of the ones they use on the international space station that might work on earth. My wife isn’t so keen on that but likes the idea of drawing inspiration from space.

We are going to have the ceiling dotted with small spotlights to represent the stars and the shower will be fitted out to look like the control deck of a spaceship. Instead of planning the ship’s trajectory, these controls will power the strength and temperature of the horizontal shower jets!

Since being back on earth I have realised that I need projects in order to keep myself entertained. I am a natural planner, so the bathroom was the perfect project for me! Many of my wife’s friends have recently been doing up their houses, consulting with kitchen designers across Melbourne. Ultra modern homes seem to be the trend of the moment, she wants us to keep up with the neighbourhood! We’ve met with the renovators and gone over some potential plans, they like the space theme idea and even suggested we could put some shooting stars in that would make their way across the walls! My wife has made it clear she wants to be at all the planning meetings, I think she fears if it was completely up to me I would have us using a zero gravity toilet system!