A Sydney Jaunt

I don’t go away for many conferences, especially after I just got back from a holiday, but this one seemed like something I needed to attend: ‘Business Owner and Parent: You CAN Do Both’. Hosted in Sydney by Gail Rainier, and she’s like a business legend AND super-mum at the same time.

To be honest, I find it quite overwhelming at times. All these decisions to make, right down to air con in the bedroom. Well, now I get to spend a couple of days in a hotel room in Sydney. Air conditioning services are very good there, so I hear. I’ll actually get to experience the room air con; try before you buy. Minnie couldn’t say yes fast enough when I asked her to look after the kids, and I just got done forging a Arcane Ring of The Eighth Tyrannical Sphere, which will guard my inner treasure vault just fine while I’m away. So…awesome. Golden.

And the first session is probably going to be ‘Air Conditioning and Running a Business: Why the Two Just Don’t Go Together’. Ha, no…I’ve seen the syllabus and it’s nothing of the sort. I’m particularly interested in the session in marketing unusual products to a mass audience. No one seems interested in sacred artefacts nowadays, I guess because telling them you raided the tomb of THE Merlin and cut off his beard hairs sounds a bit dodgy. They’re some of the most powerful talismans in the entire mystical community, but no one can be sure of what they’re really getting.

Anyway, should be great. I’m going to pick up some tips from my colleagues in Sydney, air conditioning repairs should be done before summer starts. I need to be told what to do by people I don’t know (snort) and maybe have a bit of ‘me’ time. That one I still hold out some hope for.