Canberra, Too Hot For Friendship!

I’ve never been on a holiday with anyone except my parents before, and even then, we didn’t spend too much time together. Except now my good friend Kira just rings up out of the blue and says she’s got a friend coming over from Estonia. We should do all the Sydney sights together! Now that I’m finished my teaching placement, I can totally get onto that. And someone asked me! It’s just so nice to learn that someone’s thinking of you like that.

Anyway, I have to pack, consider all my responses in case we get into an argument, consider what I’m going to say if we get into an argument and I have to preserve our friendship…aargh! This is stressful. I’m overthinking it.

Last night I even found myself searching for ‘Canberra air conditioning companies’, because I was so worried we’d get to our hotel, the folks running it would forget to put the air conditioning on, we’d all end up baking, not getting any sleep and then we’d all be tired and irritable all day. Kira and I would have our first big argument, her childhood friend would have to take her side even though she didn’t want to but wouldn’t do so quite enough out of awkwardness, and then we’d BOTH be angry at her. She’d go all quiet, because Kira said she was usually quiet, and then we’d have to keep doing what we were doing because it wasn’t like we were going to split up in the middle of an unfamiliar city, even if it was Australia. Oh, the awkwardness. The ruined holidays. The ruined friendships. And then that girl would have to complain to all her friends online about that stupid Australian girl she met that one time who ruined her holiday. And then if I ever planned a trip overseas I’d get there and bump into her and find out that I’m now known as ‘Grumpy Air Conditioning Girl’ throughout the whole country. I need the team doing the air conditioning repairs near Canberra to be on high-alert. My friendship and international travel plans depend on it.