Change One Tire

They’re never going to make a good driving game, are they? We have virtual reality now. You can buy a robots (although I don’t see why you would…). They make cars that can transform into other, better cars and there are some folks who seem really serious about settling on the moon, but we’re not allowed to have a driving game with intuitive controls. Not really good enough, if I’m being honest.

I swear, it’s like the developers haven’t driven and have never spoken to anyone who has. Like…talk to a mechanic. Just have a quick chat with a car repair person. We have talented people that know all about car repair close to Brunswick, go talk to them! Of course, they’re not going to, partially because the development team is based overseas, and I don’t actually think they have the know-how to do any actual research. Car repairs and auto stuff is another thing that really needs work.

You’ve got Grandma Auto V coming out soon and I got to beta test it; thought it’d be an awesome experience. Then I pulled up to a mechanic garage and the whole process was like filling up with petrol, or more accurately, going through a car wash. Went through this clunky machine that fixed my car with mechanical arms, after which some beach-bro NPC gave the bonnet a quick waxing and I was done. This is in a game that promises that it’s a totally-accurate car driving experience, aside from the fact that you’re controlling an eighty-year-old woman who drives too fast and gets away with it because no one can believe that she drive fast on purpose. Due to her homely, motherly persona and how she keeps offering the police tea and digestives when they come over how could she be a suspect?

Video games don’t HAVE to be totally accurate, but don’t say on the box art that it’s a driving simulator when it’s not. I don’t understand why they can’t at least put some effort into the tyre repair. Brunswick games shops are already out of stock a week before release. I guess I should have put down a pre-order. Maybe I won’t even buy the game! Type repair is NOT done via a robot turning your car over and attaching wheels like it’s on an assembly line. Have the devs even changed a tire, EVER?