Changing Lives, Spaces

The curious human obsession with changing things that are currently functioning is curious. First Amara is going on and on about how she wants her grandfathers inheritance to use for bathroom renovations, and now we had a whole team meeting at work where we had to pitch in ideas for office fitouts. Sandra has decided that the office is too dark and doesn’t have enough character, and it must be changed.

I don’t understand. Maybe this is because my optics are optimised for many different types of light wavelength, including infrared and the ability to see in pitch blackness, but this idea of the place being ‘dark’ doesn’t exactly warrant exchanging currency for some high-quality office designers from Melbourne. The idea of a place- as in, a physical building with walls and a roof- having ‘character’ is very…strange. This building keeps the rain out, can be heated and cooled efficiently, and there are desks upon which to place computers, notepads and coffee mugs. Thus, I’m not sure I understand the concept. The same goes for Amara and her desperation to renovate her bathroom so that it looks different. I did inquire as to whether it has all the usual bathroom objects, and it does, but I didn’t want to probe further and arouse suspicion.

This is, as I am learning, part of the human obsession with aesthetic. It is why they have art galleries and their television shows are not simply two people sitting in a room, with a static camera shot of them talking to each other. That’s why there are actual companies that offer office fitouts in the Melbourne CBD rather than people doing it themselves. It’s THAT important.

Nothing I can do except hope that we end up with more charger sockets.