Cooling Virtual and Real

 Okay, so…pro-league time. We need a good strategy, otherwise the lava monsters are gonna set fire to everything and that’s one objective down the drain. Gah, this game is so complicated and fun!

It’s become a lot better since people all around the world started to discover it, though. I was one of the first, because this here in Melbourne, the air conditioning repair game was developed as a training tool. I applied for a job, they said I had to get a certain number of points and that meant I understood the basic premise of air con repair. Fair enough- it’s like doing a test, but more fun. So I played the game, got enough points and got the job, but just kept playing because…boredom, I suppose. Then I discovered the meta-game, and I’m totally hooked. By day I fix air conditioning, then I come home and defend the Earth with my cryothermic blaster tool, futuristic air con parts and willingness to get the job done. Just last night me and my team were on a custom map in Toorak, air con servicing was the end goal.  A hostile group of lava insurgents were trying to melt the presidential palace and generally make everyone sticky and uncomfortable. I won’t be forgetting that game, because I managed to last long enough to build a cooling unit right in the heart of the enemy stronghold. After that, every time the lava monsters spawned they were slowed by the freezing and picking them off was easy. Play of the game!

My team is pretty impressed that I actually do air conditioning service and repairs in real life, and I have to say, it’s helped me in the game. You need a bit of machine know how to play the game properly, and no one builds air con units quite as fast as I do. We’re planning to take the pro-leagues by storm next month. And it really helps my work in real life as well, even in winter, when Melbourne’s air conditioning is still very necessary. I’m never out of practice, because…well, I fix air con literally all day.