Cruising for Air Con

I’m convinced that all my friends are brainwashed. So…this is interesting, but also pretty lonely. Am I just the kind of person who drives my friends into crazy groups? I only ask because Alison and Kellie went and joined that one place that’s all to do with the moon, and they’re my uni friends, whereas my totally-unconnected friend Amelia has found herself embroiled in a bunch of folks who think there’s hidden treasure underneath the Melbourne bay, so now she spends all her time driving there on the weekends, just so she can dive for treasure. That sounds benign, but the way she talks about the meetings, they sounds absolutely bizarre.  

Maybe it’s just a sign that I need to sign myself up. I’ve been browsing the newest super-hot social media app for linking people to particular interest groups, and there are a few that jump out. There’s one called ‘The Cult of Cool’, which not only sounds cool, but IS super cool. Their stated goal is to spread excellent air conditioning services in Canberra, so that everyone has it, and then take their quest to the entire world. There are some great perks, like access to air conditioning repairs whenever they’re necessary, and plenty of recommendations for really great air con installation people around the city.

In exchange, all they want is a blood bond, a rite of passage where you assemble an air con unit in a mystic circle of witnesses and pledge allegiance to the Cool, and also the promise that you will extol the virtues of air conditioning to all of your family and friends. Oh, and the daily three-hour meetings, which involve singing songs of praise and intense discussion about the future of cooling. But that’s just normal stuff; nothing out of the ordinary.

I like air conditioning as much as the next person. I want to see air conditioning repairs in Canberra elevated to the point where you can’t go anywhere in summer without walking into delicious cool air, all the time, forever. I get myself a social group AND a worthy cause!