Daughter’s bathroom renovation









My eldest daughter has been going through a really tough time. You know how sometimes life likes to throw a few obstacles at you? Let’s just say that life has decided to throw her an entire obstacle course! I’ve suggested that she move into her grandmother’s house for a little while. Her grandmother moved out of home a few months ago to move into a care home, so it’s been a vacant lot ever since. I thought this would’ve been a great idea to help my daughter get back on her feet. Plus it would give her some time where she could live rent-free and build up a bit more of a savings to find a place she likes. It also meant that we wouldn’t have to have someone checking up on the house each day as it would be occupied by someone we know. 

What seemed like a good idea, turned out to be a huge disaster. My mother was never a super domestic woman, but the little domestic ability she had soon faded into total oblivion as she got older. Her house was a mess. I don’t mean dirt. I mean the house was falling apart. I’ve spent the last two days looking up the cost of bathroom refurbishment because the bathroom is in an awful state of disorder. Tiles are falling down, the countertop is peeling, the taps are leaking, and the toilet won’t flush. There’s also a pungent smell that we can’t seem to get rid of. My daughters and I have spent many days trying to air the bathroom out and get it to a cleaner condition, but nothing seems to be working. Our only option is to tear out the whole thing and start fresh. 

We’ve been in talks with a bathroom designer over the last week. My mum’s house is going to have the most modern bathroom design Melbourne has ever witnessed. I often see all these new build homes and apartments go up for sale, but none have a bathroom design as nice as this.