Down With Sydney, Sort Of, In a Nice Way!

I don’t really know if the offices in Melbourne are better, but one thing I DO know for sure is that our coffee is better. Also, now that I think about it, our offices are probably better as well.

Sydney is great, but they’re kind of…up themselves? Am I allowed to say that? I’ll freely admit that people from Melbourne are very much the same, even though our public transport system could make a grown, jet-lagged man weep and there’s basically nothing here that people want to see. Like, you need a quick shot of somewhere in Australia? They’re not exactly going to broadcast the Melbourne Eye. We just copied that from London anyway.

But our office fitouts ARE legendary, so that along with the coffee is what makes us the second-best place to live, and just a little bit better than Sydney. Interior office design professionals do their best in both places, I’m sure, but I work in finance and I get to travel to places a lot. Brisbane offices are somehow TOO open-plan; they make you feel like you’re stranded in the middle of an endless, carpeted void. Perth offices have no consistency. I don’t even think Adelaide HAS any offices, let alone office fitouts. And Tasmania is just all forests and farms and stuff, so…yeah, no luck there either. Now, while Sydney has some nice places of business, they’re lagging behind a bit in the comfort department. I noticed several poor water cooler placements last time I was there, and a few hadn’t replaced their carpet in the last five years.

Here in Melbourne, we keep up to date. Maybe it’s all the coffee, giving us a creative buzz. The office interior designs companies near Sydney just don’t have that caffeine buzz, which inherently makes ALL of our design work that much better.