Dream of Fishing

I’ll give Odd-Match one thing: it has THE most extensive list of interests and identities you could possibly imagine. Usually, if you’re exceptionally different or just don’t fit into a category, you write a bit in your profile and hope for the best because people won’t find you quite as easily.

But I was bowled over to find that the site had ‘Alien (outside solar system)’ as your identity, and ‘passionate about bow rails and snapper racks’ listed in the interests. And yes, you can search via categories. I travelled here for 600 years in cryo-sleep because Earth still has water (unlike where I’m from) and I had dreams of owning a little fishing boat with my own snapper racks and all the things I learned about while looking on the Earth internet. Apparently, in this city, stainless steel welding is a very large industry. A material that resists stains but is also appropriate for seafaring is quite unusual, but I also had no idea that I’d find someone to talk to about it. It all sounded very functional.

Well, Odd-Match also has forums for all sorts of interests, so I’ve had an incredible time finding folks who love boats and bow rails as much as I do. I came into the middle of a discussion on whether snapper racks are best suited at the very back of the boat, or whether they actually work at the front. Long have I had this discussion with myself, usually while trying to fall asleep at night, but now I was able to have it with people who were true enthusiasts. A few had even done marine fabrication themselves, and their stories were fascinating.

No matches yet…I’m a bit niche, I’ll admit. But I’ve at least found some kindred spirits in this unfamiliar place. Boating friends unite over their love of the ocean and it’s wonderful marine life.