Escaping to Opulence

They always seem to get the nicest families on ‘Escape to the Country’, which is why it’s a shame that they get attacked by wild animals. I suppose that’s just showbiz for you, ha ha! Where do they get the trained animals from, anyway? IS there a animal talent agency, just like an acting talent agency?

Questions for later. Right now, I’d like to know how the Cooper family is going to settle on their new home. Cassandra said before the series that some really nice glass balustrading is something she’s wanted for a long time, because her grandmother’s big home in Scotland was one of the first in the area to get into glass balustrades and she remembers it fondly from her childhood. They did view a home with the exact type of balustrading Cassandra liked, but then the wild cats attacked and they had to move on, with a flat tire because one of the claws caught their car’s back left tire. So unfortunate! It really looked like it was going to be the perfect country home, but of course their son Mark forgot to put away his tuna sandwich and the cats were able to track them using their advanced sense of smell. So silly!

That’s totally relatable, though. We’ve all found a place that suits us to the ground, but we can’t accept it for some reason. No glass balustrading, too far from work, hardwood floors instead of carpets, or the cats found us and we were forced to flee. SO relatable.

They found the place they wanted in the end, which was heartwarming, especially since it came with a bit of woodland behind which they can use to hide from further incursions in the future. No balustrading, but I think they’re calling in a residential glazier to do some work on the front of the house, so maybe, one day, Cassandra will get her wish. I love a happy ending.