Fire The Apprentice

My coworker is such a lazy bloke. He’ll bugger off for hours at a time and come back claiming that he had to go to every hardware store under the sun to find the right materials for the job. He thinks he’s got everyone at the company fooled which just isn’t the case. Instead, we’re recording the number of hours he wastes every day for an entire month and then we’re going to use it as valid grounds for termination. He shouldn’t try to make us all out as fools.

The funniest thing, in my opinion, is the fact that he somehow thinks we’ve never been apprentices before. It’s like he thinks I don’t know the local hardware store in Bentleigh like it’s the back of my own palm. I spent every day for four years going to that hardware store and purchasing the materials my foremen needed for the day. I did it before 7:00 am every morning – just like I was supposed to. This bloke on the other hand, rocks up to the job late and empty handed, every day. He’ll then ask what materials are needed for the day and then spend the next hour or so doing God knows what with God knows who. It’s an embarrassment.

Every time he goes to the hardware store to pick up supplies and then comes back much too long afterwards, I fight back the urge to embarrass him in front of everyone. Had trouble picking up those building supplies in Cheltenham did you? I want to say. I don’t say anything though because that could make him clue onto the fact that we know he’s pretending to take all this time to find supplies. If he clues in then he may stop doing it and subsequently not be able to be fired. It would be a disaster for the business if we kept him around, so I’m keeping my mouth shut.