Forest People…Also Mechanics?


Did you even know that cars ran on electricity? Alright, so I never had a dad to teach me this stuff, and Mum was a big fan of supporting the local bus network, so I never really learned stuff about cars. And now the husband deals with it all, so when auto electrical things came up as a major topic on Week of Our Lives, it was all news to me.

The continuing saga of the forest folks…continues, with the revelation that they’ve infiltrated the town as normal citizens and are now using their impeccable work ethic to provide quality services that are choking regular Realsville businesses. Laurie just had to drive all the way to get auto electrical services from a garage in Bentleigh, because the people from the forest have set up a car garage in the town and they’re opening at 4am (because they’re from the forest and they wake up with the dawn) and they get things done a lot quicker than the local mechanics. The fact that people who live in the forest have expert knowledge of not only cars, but auto electrical things, is a bit weird. By all accounts they seem to be quite Amish in their approach to life, so how they’re doing stuff with cars…I don’t know. In fact, they know everything about modern life, which is how they infiltrated Realsville and became masters of business to destroy it from within,

However, while Laurie was getting her car serviced by a mechanic close to Bentleigh, she had a sudden flashback to her time in the Algerian marines, where they had to deal with a group of fighters coming out of the jungle. Apparently they got rid of the invaders by inviting them to one of their Algerian coming-of-age parties and sharing their fruit-and-nut bread as a sign of cooperation and peace. Now Laurie is tearing back to Realsville with a serviced car and a burning idea. What happens next? We have to wait until Monday to find out!!