House Painting

What’s up, George? Welcome back to my second blog. In case you’re new here, this is my second blog. It is not my first blog, where I do most of my blogging. On this blog, I like to get a little goofier and wackier and drink sparkling mineral water for my fans.

If you’re new, you also wouldn’t be aware that my fanbase is called ‘George’. If you’re subscribed to this or my first blog, you are officially a member of George. George is the largest and fastest-growing squad on the internet, provided you don’t bother to look that up.

This week I’m going to be blogging all about painting my house, along with a little bit of plaster wall repair. Basically, my wife and I just moved into our new house, which we built, and we’re going to be painting all of the walls around the house. Also, we damaged one of the walls as we carried our dining table in, so we do have to fix that, hence the plaster repair. 

Today we’re focusing on the lounge room, which I’m feeling confident that we can get right. Of course, the walls have already been done by a professional painter. Melbourne had a lot of painters to choose from, but we went with one we were certain could get the basics done right. The initial layers of white paint look fantastic, so thank you to the painters who did them.

My wife and I want every room in this house to tell a story, however, so that’s where we come in with our art skills. The story of our living area is going to be the story of our lives. Amanda and I will paint all the most important moments in our lives as a couple on these walls. We will have our wedding, our honeymoon, and that time that we both decided to eat at separate restaurants but ended up at the same one anyway. We’re newlyweds, so there’s not a lot to choose from.

Time to get started. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Bye! 

– Daniel Goodman