Hyperbaric Medicine…it’s Gonna Be Big

Hyperbaric medicine might be niche now, but…not for long. Not if I have anything to do with it.

Well, me and the group. See, we’re a small conglomeration of folks who met in uni and found out we had the same ideas. Not that we’re against medical science, or anything; we just would really like to prove that pre-emptive hyperbaric treatments are an extremely effective method of keeping oneself healthy. Ideally, we want to integrate hyperbaric treatments in Melbourne and its medical sector and encourage their use on a more permanent basis.

If that sounds a little scientific, it’s because it’s pretty much the stated objective of our collective thesis.

Still, if I can be frank for a moment, pre-emptive hyperbaric treatments are a seriously neglected field, hence why we want to research them more. It’s already been proven that oxygen chambers are able to stimulate a person mentally, making them around 20% more aware and 25% better at problem-solving. The brain just really likes oxygen, and so does the body. Plus, so many serious problems are either caused by an oxygen deficiency or made worse by one, so I really think this could be of use to some people with specific conditions.

Overall, we’re still researching a lot of things. There’s no solidly-proven link between hyperbaric medicine and disease prevention, as of yet, despite all the actually-proven health benefits. Still, we’re pretty convinced that well find something, and then you’ll find hyperbaric chambers available in Melbourne almost everywhere. Standard equipment in hospitals, all of that business. I think it’s where hyperbaric treatments are going, and if we can prove their efficacy, then there could be a healthier Australia just around the corner, one where everyone has access to portable hyperbaric treatments, maybe even in the home if they can be portable enough.

Well their efficacy has already been proven, but…we’re going to make them mainstream, at least.