I Like Boats, but Not That Much

Just my luck. You’re speed dating, you’re on fire, that is, fuego, and a girl drops the ultimate bomb on you: she enjoys stamp collecting. I mean no disrespect to stamp collectors the world over, but I can’t marry a girl into that sort of thing. It’s the kind of hobby I have no problem with, when I’m not forced to talk about it.

Fortunately this was a new form of speed dating where you could slam on a buzzer and your conversation partner would be whisked through a wall, after which someone else would be brought in for you to try. It’s at this new place in the city, Neo-Meet, and they have this massive setup just for speed dating. New age speed dating. You don’t like your partner, just slam that button and the chair on rails takes them out of your sight and into a different part of the room, never to be seen again by you.

It’s like dodgem cars, and also matching you up with the perfect partner. Straight after that I started chatting to a new girl who said she spent her weekend at an outboard motor repair place open in Melbourne. I was about to hit the button for her as well- I got no time for any boating stuff- but then I thought…nah. It sounds interesting enough, I could tell in two sentences that she has passion for it, and I did have ‘weekend’ flashing above my chair as my second identifier. Oh, uh…you set these five things beforehand that you want the person to tell you immediately. So you roll into a room, or  they roll into yours, and you have to tell each other the five things.

Anyway, this girl and I ended up having an awesome conversation about outboard motors…somehow. Also anchor winches. I think they featured. I still don’t get why she loves boats so much, and she works as a waitress in a café so why she even HAS a boat is a mystery. Still, passion is awesome. I love me some passion for a topic that isn’t stamps. If she thinks Melbourne’s anchor winches are better than all the others, then I just smile and nod. I hit the button when she said she was allergic to cats, but wow, so close on this one.