Just Grow Plants Outside?

I don’t think this mini-greenhouse is really working. I got it for my birthday, and it was totally unexpected, but I loved the idea because I’m always complaining about having to go out in the garden when it’s wet and disgusting. The box advertised it as being great for anyone in any situation, even if you just live in one room. That’s a little bit of an overestimation, in my humble opinion…it takes up half of our dining table. But still, it’s supposed to be the perfect miniature, indoor environment for plants, and I got a bunch of daffodil bulbs from a place online inside the greenhouse already.

It’s a gardening miracle, ready to revolutionise how we grow plants!

…supposedly. I’ve been trying to grow the daffodils, along with some onions and carrots, and no success. They sort of just poke out of the soil and then decide ‘naaah, that’s boring’ and don’t grow any more. Then I look out of the window at the vegetables and daffodils in my actual garden, thriving in the wet weather, and I wonder if humans haven’t just gone a bit far in trying to mould the world to their personal specifications. Like…it’s possible to get too clever and go against nature itself. Trying to shove the entire ecosystem into what’s essentially a large glass jar? Electric sun lights or no, I don’t think we’re there yet. I think Lawrence Corp is working on something a bit better (my family bought me the budget option…), but even that one takes up most of a room. Like…just get a real greenhouse. You can build it in the garden, it won’t take up a whole room, and your mixed daffodils have a chance of coming to life instead of dying to a fad.

Which reminds me, I need to pick up some iceberg roses for the spring. They will NOT be going in the mini greenhouse.