Light House

“I have an idea!” my best friend, Yellow Bulb, and I said at the exact same moment, our heads lighting up with bright colours. You see, living as a lightbulb person isn’t always easy, especially since everybody always knows when you have a big idea. Lightbulb person brainstorming sessions are a nightmare. I’m naturally introverted, so it really sucks to be in a meeting and have people see that I have an idea, then ask what my idea is. Generally, it isn’t even that good, and everyone ends up laughing at me for an idea I probably wouldn’t have shared if I was a normal human. However, it’s moments like that, when my friend and I both have a great idea, that being a lightbulb person really pays off. It was just an awesome thing to experience.

To make things even better, Yellow and I had the exact same idea. We’re going to get some luxury home builders on the Mornington Peninsula to make us the best house for a lightbulb person, and then we’re going to live together, like a couple of besties. We’ll get up to all sorts of crazy antics, and we won’t even need to pay for electricity to light our house since we’ll be able to provide the light ourselves. I can just see it now. A beautiful, modern house built by the best luxury home contractors close to me that I can find. Out the front, we’ll have a magnificent silver tree that will really make it feel luxurious. People will walk by and wonder who lives in that incredible home.

Of course, the only problem is that we don’t have any money. If only there were cheat codes in life that allowed us to get infinite money. Well, I can think of a few ways to get some extra funds in our accounts, but I’m not sure if any of them are exactly proper. Now, I’m not advocating for downloading old video games and selling them on the black market, but… does anybody know where I can find some old video games online so that I can afford to build my dream house?