Mechs on a Boat?

You know, I think what might be putting a damper on current sales of personal suits is the fact that people think they can’t TAKE them places. It’s true, society has only just now gotten to the point where places accept guide dogs inside. Gaining acceptance of suits and making sure they have adequate parking and space is a mammoth task, but I like to think we can overcome this obstacle. And them come the sales!

Let’s see, if we sold one this quarter, that would bring our total up to…one.

Alright, so there’s plenty to do. I think the accessibility issue is something to work on, and to wit, I would like to see if we can contact some real stainless steel marine welding companies in Melbourne, see if we can’t establish some kind of partnership. The end goal would be creating underwater suits with aquatic capabilities, so that people could perhaps take them on holidays. They’d use the very finest stainless steel welding technologies to create a true holiday experience…except with a large robot suit! Imagine going on holiday with a giant robot, perhaps fitted with a fishing rod holder, bait board, sapper rack and absolutely everything you need for a wonderful fishing holiday. And it’s been optimised for the water, so no need to even bring a boat. Comes with all the regular perks, but also equipped for fishing!

Perhaps that’s it. We just need to start targeting more specific markets. Special suits for folks who like fishing, suits for people into pottery, and everything in between those two very specific and opposite things. Yep, nailed it.

Now, to partner with a stainless steel welding firm who understand our specific needs, and are also willing to stick a fishing rod holder onto one of our boats…for the most flawless of packages.