Mite-y Suspicious

My friend from way back, Natasha, has moved back to the area and is opening a cafe. The idea has the right foundations for success, given that she’s been working as a chef in Paris for the past decade, but I’m a bit concerned about the building she’s chosen to open in. It’s an old corner store, and while it has an appealingly time-worn vibe, it’s looking a tad worse for wear on the structural side.

She’s in the process of buying the property and doesn’t seem too fazed by my concerns, probably on account of the very low price she’s getting it for. But I suspect that the price is so low on account of the fact that the timber is most likely damaged. I think she needs to do some due diligence and talk to the real estate agent about getting a termite inspection (at the very least) before everything is finalised.

Who does commercial termite inspections in Mornington? If the place is riddled with pests, could that affect Natasha’s business insurance? In my view, so much is riding on this that I can’t quite comprehend her casual (aka careless) attitude to it. But then, she’s always been the sort of person who doesn’t stress about things, and they tend to work out in her favour.

Me? I’ve always been much more of a control freak. When I first bought a house around here, I called around to all the pest control services in Sorrento looking for the one that could give the most comprehensive check-up and assure me that my investment wasn’t about to be eaten from the inside out. I think some of the pest management companies I called probably thought I was a bit mad.

As it happened, there was nothing wrong with my house, but I’m convinced that my conscientious attention to its structural integrity has contributed to keeping it that way. Of course, I could be wrong, but I’m the type of person who’d prefer not to leave pest management to chance.