Need Drain Scouring

I learned quite early in my career that this land of Australia does not appreciate my ethics. Perhaps nowhere in the world does…I’m quite unique.

At least my talents in creating various chemicals have been recognised, hence why I’m here. Shame I didn’t get to complete my plan of turning everyone into half-spider-people, because I think everyone would’ve been much better off that way. Just think of it…all of us crawling around on walls, and no more arachnophobia. Or if you did have arachnophobia, you’d get over it pretty quickly.

As it turns out, my chemical transformation solution also works as a pretty powerful industrial drain cleaner. Plenty of places that off drain cleaning in Melbourne. if only I could make use of something so powerful, albeit with the solution toned down to the levels where it won’t burn straight through the pipe. No point in having a clean drain if there’s no drain left afterwards, after all. I’ve been tasked with working with a team of numbskulls to see if we can take this concoction and make it commercially viable. Well, I already know how to do that, but I don’t have to tell anyone. This way I can use the time and resources to work on my own projects under the table.

Oh, but maybe I missed my calling as a drain cleaning professional. I could have lived a productive life, maybe got a job with a sewer repair company here in Melbourne, or used my talents for the development of drain cameras and the like. What a thought, but perhaps one for another lifetime. I’ll give them their drain cleaning apparatus, and then perhaps devote some thought to getting out of this place.

I’m just saying, I think everyone would be quite happy as half-arachnids. You could fit those long extra arms down drains to remove blockages, for one thing.