Needles Are Okay, Sometimes

I hate needles, usually. Always had a bit of a phobia, didn’t like getting shots as a kid, and then there was the whole epidural incident. Childbirth wasn’t fun, but when they showed me what they’d be using to take the pain away?

Um, no thanks. I’ll just do things the traditional way. But DRY needling is apparently a thing, much like acupuncture but it’s the Australian version. This week’s episode of Week of Our Lives had a super interesting clash between Doctor Mathew, who follows a very old-fashioned code of conduct, and that hot new doctor Abigail Renshaw, who insists that all her patients call her ‘Abi’ and takes a more casual attitude towards making people better. This episode had both Doctors Mathew and Renshaw attending a dry needling course in Sydney after a HILARIOUS scheduling error. Doctor Mathew was supposed to be going to the annual anaesthesia conference, but his secretary accidentally booked the two of them on the same conference, so now we’ve just seen the first of a wacky two-parter where the two doctors have to learn to live with each other and their very differing views on medicine. Of course, Doctor Mathew thinks that dry needling is a load of toffee, and Abi thinks he’s a total buzzkill who can’t stand anything new and needs to expand his horizons. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that the writers were setting up a romantic subplot, but there’s a forty-year age difference, so…no thanks.

It’s quite ambitious of the show to have a plot set completely outside of Realsville, and just focusing on two characters. Maybe they’re getting sponsored by dry needling courses in Australia? It’s that, or one of the writing staff just went and got dry needling and now wants the whole world to know about it.