Official Temperature

Question: what, in your opinion, is the best type of weather for getting work done? Are you a warm weather person who whistles merrily through their routine in the highest humidity, and enjoys working from tree houses on working holidays in the tropics? Or are you one of these strange specimens who thrives on icy conditions, thinking with crisp clarity as shards of ice rain from the heavens? 

Perhaps, like me, you fall somewhere in between these extremes, although I tend to think that most people lean to one side or the other. You know what I mean? There’s always that one person at the office who’s continually ramping up the heating so that you’re sitting there in a singlet in midwinter, and someone else who’s always pulling it down and requiring you to get out your cardigan. 

Trans-seasonal layers are the best way to tackle this situation, in case you’re wondering, unless you are in one of the two camps – in which case, declare your team, so that the rest of us can be prepared. Here in Moorabbin, heating and cooling concerns are to be taken in utmost seriousness, as with anywhere else. 

Why is this important? Well, I’ll tell you. It influences how quickly effort get allocated to gas heating repairs. Close to Melbourne CBD, it’s not too hard to get a company out to fix a bung office heater, but further out things become a bit trickier. Even if it’s just one day of going without heating, that can be enough to thoroughly wring out the more warmth-oriented members of a team, and leave them feeling left out in the cold. The same applies to air conditioning, but in reverse, with respect to our about our cool-loving comrades. Melting like a snowman in springtime is a very real possibility for them. 

I guess the thing about being a fence-sitter on this issue is that I sympathise with both parties. As for me, I’m able to dwell anywhere along the continuum for a limited time; it just too much of any extreme that bothers me.