Our Wedding Video

It’s been two years since my boyfriend proposed to me – two years exactly! And guess what today is? It’s our wedding day. I really liked the symbolism of getting married on the same day that my fiance, soon to be husband, proposed to me. It was really good timing that the winery we wanted to get married at had a spot free on this date. It is a Wednesday which obviously isn’t the most popular day for a wedding, but all our friends and our family could attend and that’s what matters.

Almost just as important is that the corporate video production company located in Melbourne who secretly filmed our proposal video were able to attend also! A woman has been with me all morning filming me getting ready, because apparently, that’s a really important part of a wedding video. I never considered it to be, but I have complete trust in her and I’m sure that the video is going to be perfect. By the sounds of it, I’m the star of the show, so it has to be good! Ha ha.

I’m walking down the aisle right now. My heart is pounding out of my chest. The entire production depends on me. Every guest has their eyes on me and my soon to be husband is crying his eyes out as he looks into my eyes. I can’t believe how full my heart is. In the corner of my eyes, I can see the marketing video production company filming the whole thing. Some of them have cameras on me, others have cameras on my future husband and others have cameras on the crowd. They’ve really got this whole wedding covered. I can’t wait to watch the video.

I really like that they have a camera positioned behind my future husband, too. It’ll be awesome to see the proceedings from his perspective. I wonder what I look like to him right now.