Remove the trees, there’s to be a wedding!

When Dave called and told me the latest wedding saga I thought he was making it up. Since my brother got engaged it has been non-stop drama. At first she said no, then she said yes, then he backed out and now they’ve finally both agreed they are madly in love and they must be wed. Next was the venue, she wanted it at her parents house, he wanted it at the boat club, they compromised on both. Reception at the boat club, ceremony and party at the house. Now we are in the house preparation stage and all I know is there has been a lot of talk about expert tree removal in Melbourne. That’s right the garden has too many trees. I mean, how dare those trees grow in the garden! My mother is spending her days speaking to arborists and landscapers about the garden while I have been tasked with finding chairs that won’t damage the lawn for guests to sit on.

It’s crazy how at first neither of them were confident in their decision to get married, and now all they care about is the shade of gold on the chairs and the height of the trees that aren’t being ripped down. While my mother has become best friends with the tree removal company in Prahran I am taking a more detached approach towards the whole affair. I have sent Dave a bunch of links to chair hire companies and highlighted the ones that look like they may be gentle enough for the precious lawn. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine putting in this much effort to my own wedding so I’m definitely not going to give the privilege to my brother. As well as the whole trees issue, Dave also wants to have a tarp roof put over the garden in case of rain. He doesn’t want a marquis because that’s too formal, but a tarp roof is perfect apparently.