Shoulder Surgery Research

High school orals, am I right? When Mr. Jacobs announced we’d be drawing our presentation topics out of a hat, my heart raced. With my luck, I’d probably pull out Quantum Physics or the mating habits of the Amazonian tree frog. Instead, I drew “Shoulder Surgery”. I blinked. Shoulder what now?

As the bell rang, I hustled to the school library. I figured I’d start with some books on human anatomy and work my way up. Surrounded by stacks of books, I also ventured online, trying to find the best shoulder surgeon in the Melbourne area for some firsthand knowledge. Dr. Elinor Garrett’s name popped up multiple times in my search, with accolades that ranged from groundbreaking surgeries to compassionate patient care. If I was going to learn, I thought, why not start from the best?

While researching, I stumbled upon a term that sounded like it was straight out of a sci-fi novel: elbow arthroscopy. I thought, “Hold up, what is elbow arthroscopy?” As I delved deeper, I discovered it’s a surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat problems inside the elbow joint. Using a tiny camera and small instruments, surgeons can view, diagnose, and treat issues within the elbow. Neat, right?

The days flew by, and soon, it was D-day. Standing at the front, I began discussing the marvel that is the human shoulder, the intricate surgeries that help repair it, and the brilliant minds, like Dr. Garrett’s, who make it possible.

As I concluded my presentation, I felt a surge of pride. From knowing zilch about shoulder surgeries, I’d transformed into someone who could confidently discuss rotator cuff tears, SLAP lesions, and even drop in a tidbit about elbow arthroscopy.

I walked back to my seat amidst a round of applause, grateful for the journey. While I’m still unsure about pursuing a medical career, one thing’s certain: I’ve gained immense respect for those who do. And hey, if there’s ever a quiz night question about shoulder surgeries, I know I’ve got it in the bag!