Solar Warlock’s Thesis

In the magical realm of Lumina, news flew faster than the swiftest broomstick, especially when it was as electrifying as Wally’s solar spectacle. The corridors of the illustrious Magical University, or Lumina U as it was fondly called, were abuzz. They had invited Wally for a lecture, and anticipation hung heavy in the air.

In the grand amphitheatre, students and professors alike took their seats, their eyes fixed on the stage where the sunburned warlock stood. Instead of the expected magical demonstration, what followed was a slideshow—yes, a slideshow—with flickering images of Wally’s past.

A younger, less sunburned Wally appeared on the screen. “That’s me in my mortal days,” he chuckled. “Now, just how big is a 50kW solar system? There it is, on the roof of my little cottage in Australia! To be honest, 50kW was a bit overkill for my needs. It’s about as much as you’d need to power a business with dozens of employees!”

The room erupted in laughter as images flashed of Wally tangled in wires, climbing ladders, and gazing lovingly at vast arrays of gleaming solar panels. “I was madly in love with the sun and its endless power. I even wrote a thesis on the magic of solar, long before I knew of wands and witches.”

But then, in a twist of events worthy of Lumina’s legends, the next slide showed a book—an ancient spellbook—lying open next to an array of solar cells. “Ah, the fateful day!” Wally reminisced. “Tried blending some old-world magic with my solar passion. Next thing I knew, professional 100kW solar system installation wasn’t just a mortal job; it was my magical calling!”

Peals of laughter echoed through the hall. Wally’s accident had given him an unprecedented blend of magic and science. With his solar spells and warlock wisdom, he’d bridged two worlds, making him a unique force in Lumina.

As the lecture ended and Wally took a bow, the magical minds of Lumina U were left pondering. In a land where the ancient and modern often clashed, Wally had proven that sometimes, a quirky mix of both could create something truly wondrous.