Some Respect for Sport, Please…

So, all of our sports equipment is gone. People have said that I need to poke through the shed and see if anything useful survived the fire, but I’ve actually been in there. Everything has turned into ash, and I don’t fancy sifting through all of it just to be wasting my time. Thanks, lightning! First you ruin the big football game, and now this.

Maybe this is a chance for a new start…or a sign, or whatever. It’s a sign that we need to get new gear, because all the old stuff was terrible. It was so bad that lightning rained from the sky and zapped the sports shed, because the heavens totally care about our shoddy sports equipment. So I guess my next task is convincing the principal that we need new indoor soccer nets, because they were the most expensive thing and it’s coming up to their season. Obviously indoor nets are going to cost more, because they have to cover the entire space…although I remember the lacrosse sticks costing a small fortune from some company in Queensland. Of course, while the footballs were old and tired, they still had plenty of life left in them, and they can be expensive if you want half-decent ones.

In conclusion, it’s going to costus a lot to replace the entire shed, and we’ll have to throw in the cost of a new shed. Preferably one with more metal and wood. And if the current state of affairs is anything to go by, we’re getting none of it, because the principal is all about the arts and he’s probably pleased that the sports shed burned down. If I went in there asking for the budget to be stretched to buy some basic cricket nets for the batting range, he’d nod and secretly allocate the money towards the theatre or costume department. Bet he wouldn’t be so calm and indifferent if one of THOSE got hit by lightning and burned down, but that’s just what I get for taking the PE teacher’s job at the one school in Australia that doesn’t care about sport.