Super Useful Toolboxes

You know what I like about toolboxes? They bring people together, in so many wonderful ways. It’s like one of those TV ads where someone pull something out of their…handbag, rucksack, pocket, wherever, and suddenly that thing solves everyone’s problems. “I just happened to have these hay-fever allergy tablets in my breast pocket, wow, have some and watch as you turn into a strange transparent green person with blinking red lights in your nose that are snuffed out by the rivers of light from these tablets.”

Totally unbelievable. I was on board with that party scenario, until the guy pulled out the tablets and my immersion was ruined. But actual aluminium toolboxes are like magical bags of holding. You can put anything you like in there, and store it for later use. That goes double if you have your toolbox properly kitted out with all the good stuff, like extra compartments. I keep my sandwiches in there, for easy lunch access. I also have a small supply of medicines, such as painkillers and related goods, and also bandages. You never know what you’ll need on a work-site, and I quite like the idea of being that one guy who can pull anything he needs out of his toolbox, just like in the ads but more believable and the acting is better.

And of course, there are all the usual toolbox things. Spanners to nuts and bolts, all perfectly organised and ready for me to fish out at a moment’s notice, albeit sealed behind a powerful wall of tool box central locking. See, that’s way better than a pocket or a handbag, because only I may enter and fish out my packet of sushi rolls, or a small can of deodorant, or a pair of nail scissors for that hangnail crisis. I’m probably the most useful person everywhere I go. But I’m not in it for the glory and the praise. And besides…the toolbox is the real hero here.