The Truth Behind the Lamb Sauce

Yeah, I mean like where is the lamb sauce? I’ve been thinking about that all evening. We finally stole a bit of time to ourselves, me and Dana, and we went to a restaurant that just opened. Dana wasn’t too happy about my Mum looking after the baby, not since I told that joke at the work Christmas party about her accidentally dropping me into a squat toilet when we were doing missionary work in China, but I managed to convince her to let it go for this one night.

It was actually really nice, except for this one point in the evening where we could just hear one guy yelling from the kitchen “WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE??” over and over.

Where is the lamb sauce? Was it inside us all along?

It’s nice to think about something that isn’t to do with the baby. Just yesterday we were up late trying to figure out in the kids birthday party venues for hire in Brisbane were as good as the ones in Perth, and whether this would mean a dramatic move for us in the future. It was about 2am when Dana said that maybe birthday party venues aren’t as big a deal as we thought, at least not for a few years. And she was right. You know how they say pregnant women have baby brain? Well, Ariel is six months old and both her parents have baby brain, 24/7.

We can have birthdays at home, wherever we are. Don’t need a venue. But what happens when Ariel’s friends are going to have their parties at colourful venues with finger food and clowns, and we’ve just got some lame fairy bread and cordial. Fairy bread and cordial! It’s like we don’t even love our own child! Guess we’re in for another late night of looking up kids birthday party venues in Sydney and comparing them around the country.

Or…we might need another restaurant night, because we are both exhausted.