Where Everyone Does Everything

I told you we get all types in here. That guy over there in the corner does doorframe inspections, for example. It’s his job to go around and inspect the frames of doors, and if they’re not up to scratch, then they get…something, I don’t really know. Maybe there’s a fine to pay of some kind. I’m honestly not sure how you mess up a door frame that badly to the point where people are paid to inspect them, but there’s a niche for everything.

Benny runs a pet sitting business exclusively for rabbits, because he loves rabbits. I myself have only a passing fondness for them, but there you go. And there’s a new guy coming in recently who works with buyers advocates around Melbourne. Not really sure if that means he’s a buyers advocate, or he works with them but does something else; usually the game involves trying to work out what people do with the least amount of information possible. This guy says he works with buyers advocates, which is obviously something you can’t just tell from looking at a person. You can look at someone wearing a suit and say that they work a white-collar job, but what does that mean, really? There are many types of office job. Maybe if they come in for a lunch with a client where they discuss the pros and cons of a home they’ve just been inspecting, it makes things a bit easier, but people don’t tend to do that. Well, you do get the work-obsessed ones, but they’re few and far between in here.

It’s not like they’d come in asking if they can sell your home, either. To my knowledge, I don’t think any of Melbourne’s property advocates would ever come into this place and inquire as to whether we’d be selling. It’s not really what they do, and no one would think of this as a high-end home. Though they should wait until we put in the balcony area and the new kitchen. Maybe then…